guyanamissions2aGuyana Development Missions International or GUYDMI is an international relief Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) effort created to provide critical emergency medical services via ambulatory transport and trained EMS workers. We also intend to build multipurpose buildings that may be used as churches, religious education facilities, emergency medical ambulatory transport and public health clinics in Guyana, South America. The vision and intended purpose would be to create a safe environment for public health workers in which to provide critical medical, dental and opthomological services to those unable to travel or unable to afford basic health services. These church buildings would be staffed year round by a local pastor or community leader who is committed to serving the community and expanding the kingdom of God. We have identified ten prospective sites initially as likely sites to build and establish these ministries.

Other Mission Objectives of GUYDMI include, but are not limited to, the production of food through micro farming which is inexpensive to initiate in Guyana. However, this enterprise requires a capable consistent presence in country to monitor and assist food production operations on a daily basis.

In the short term, there exists an immediate critical need for ambulances, trained personnel and medical supplies. We have formed GUYDMI to address this critical need. As such, GUYDMI has committed to partnering with key private sector companies within Guyana to receive donated ambulances and emergency medical supplies. Our goal is to return to Guyana in the next few months to bring much needed medical supplies to these entities for immediate use to benefit the citizens of Guyana.

As always, we seek to provide ministerial support for the evangelical Christian pastors in Guyana by mentoring and sharing our resources with the communities they serve.

Please pray God opens the door to accomplish this mission if it is in His will.

We seek to expand our mission outreach opportunities in country and invite more Christians to work within the mission field short term or as a long-term missionary as God would use them.

Please pray today how the Lord may use your talents and gifts within this ministry as a willing prayer partner, co-worker in country or financial supporter. May God bless you for all you do for His kingdom.